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Scaling the traditional elderly home care business.
Professional & unhurried care by the same Gubbe helper, enabled by our tech platform.
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Aging population is a challenge comparable to climate change

+   Longer life expectancy and the aging population structure
+   Huge lack of nurses globally
=   Serious problem

The elderly care market is exploding & competition is growing

There are thousands of European companies trying to solve the same problem, but none of them has the capabilities or ambition to build a scalable solution.


cities in Europe served

20 000

Gubbe helper applications received 

80 000

care hours done


operations in 3 countries

Backed by



Kim Väisänen, Samuli Saarni, Riitta Palmen, Peter Charpentier, Lasse Larvanko, Timo Lappi, Stefan Björkman, Tobias Niemi, Rasmus Molander, Jussi Lystimäki, Timo Soininen, Moaffak Ahmed, Katariina Helaniemi, Josefin Landgard, Oskari Tempakka

Funding to date


Behind Gubbe

Gubbe was founded in 2018 by Sandra Lounamaa and Meri-Tuuli Laaksonen and it all started from a genuine need: How come there isn’t an elderly care service you can trust your own grandmother to? The idea came about when Sandra began looking for a cure for her grandmother’s loneliness.

“I am incredibly close with my grandmother yet I didn’t have enough time to commit to visiting and helping her around the home. I was in a position where I wanted to do more but I simply couldn’t.”

With Meri-Tuuli’s profound background and experience in Heath Sciences, Gubbe - meaning ‘buddy’ or ‘friend’ - was established to connect young individuals with elderly people who need help with housework, staying active, transportation and caregiving tasks.

Building the world’s biggest elderly care business.

This is why we will win the game of elderly care:

Powerful supply side

Revolutionizing how care is delivered
  • Brand & community that appeals to young adults outside the nursing industry – over 500 applications every month
  • Efficient automated recruitment & onboarding processes.
  • Low cost of workforce - utilising gig economy

Platform & Tech

Enabling the scalability
  • Ready-made tech and scalable operations

  • A platform that utilises gig economy to solve the health care crisis‍

Customer success process

Outstanding customer experience for the relatives
  • Life-changing impact of the service - academic studies backing our vision

  • Exceeding expectiations in a sector where no one else has succeeded

  • Providing transparency of visit content to relatives

Distinctive brand

A brand that you will remember
  • Viewed as a responsible, trustworthy & flexible employer

  • Increasing market shares and efficiently expanding to new markets

  • Communicating professional care and quality

Team & culture

Everything is possible
  • Highly driven team with diverse skillsets

  • Excellent company culture

And it's a solid business


Y-o-Y Growth %


Average Gross Margin


experience increased quality of life
The business model has been validated and proven it to scale to other markets.


Y-o-Y Growth

21 years

Average age of Gubbe helpers


Retention, B2C


Gubbe helper NPS

18 months

Gubbe Helper average tenure
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