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September 11, 2023

From left: Meri-Tuuli Laaksonen (Gubbe’s Co-Founder & Chief of Concept), Yoshiaki Tsuchiya (MyNavi’s CEO & President), Sandra Lounamaa (Gubbe’s CEO & Co-Founder)  and Harri-Pekka Kaukonen (Gubbe’s Chairman of the Board of Directors).

Finnish elderly care startup Gubbe raises an investment to continue its mission of becoming the world’s biggest elderly care company.

Mynavi Corporation, a Japan-based HR information enterprise, highly recognizes Gubbe’s business scheme and philosophy in aging society, and evaluates Gubbe's way of recruiting and training young talents in the elderly care sector. “We think Gubbe will be able to find scalable and efficient models in recruiting young people globally in the proceeding aging society. Being able to harness this workforce into their business model might be able to give a competitive edge other companies lack in the health care sector” their CEO Yoshiaki Tsuchiya comments. Celebrating their 50th anniversary, Mynavi is focusing on creating a bold strategy for the next 50 years ahead. As Japan has the world’s fastest aging population often referred to as “the silver economy”, Mynavi sees a lot of synergies with Gubbe’s business model in the future contributing to sustainability. 

Right now the company is setting eyes on the global markets by creating strategic partnerships. Particularly in Europe, the company has executed a few selected investments since 2021 in technology, sustainability and innovation. Gubbe got their attention after they heard there is a “Nordic sensation” that is transforming the elderly health care. “Aging society is proceeding rapidly in Japan as well as in the Nordic countries, therefore we are really interested in learning about Gubbe’s philosophy to set the goal for the sustainable society, the technology behind it all and the brand building around it” their European representative Koichiro Shimamori continues. 

For Gubbe, the investment presents a lot of opportunities for the future. “It is an honour to form a strategic alliance with an experienced, reputable company who holds an astonishing amount of intel on the HR domain which is one of our key operations” Gubbe’s CEO Sandra Lounamaa states. “Above all we are so excited to start crafting Gubbe’s 50 years strategy with a partner like Mynavi, ” Lounamaa concludes.

About Gubbe

The idea behind Gubbe was born when Sandra Lounamaa, Co-Founder and CEO of Gubbe, could not find a suitable service for her elderly grandmother. The grandmother, much like other elderly people, was spending too much time on her own and suffered from a lack of preventative care. Soon thereafter she got to know her Co-Founder Meri-Tuuli Laaksonen, a teacher and expert in elderly health and wellbeing, and together they founded Gubbe. With aging population and nursing shortage in the Western world, there is an increasing need for services for the older generations. Gubbe provides elderly care services ranging from weekly visits to intensive home care and employs Gubbe helpers and Gubbe nurses, services made scalable via Gubbe’s own unique tech platform. 

About Mynavi

Founded as "Mainichi Communications Inc." in August 1973, for the purpose of publishing and art business, the company now became one of the biggest HR and information companies in Japan. After changing the name of the company to "Mynavi Corporation" in 2011, its business expands to every life scene. 

The Mynavi Group is composed of around 30 companies and 13,000 employees globally. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary this year, the company has put up its purpose "To create a world that envisions the future, by engaging individual potential".

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